Hey guys!


Welcome to "Stillmeadow Gourmet" version 2.0

Here is where I talk all about me. After this I promise it will be food, drinks, and fun.

After the standard path of prep school, a liberal arts degree, and attempts at a "normal career" I realized I was not destined to fit into a cubical. So naturally I packed my bags and landed in Paris. I cooked and lived the good life for a year before returning stateside. I tried my hand at various food related jobs, line cook, chef, cheese monger ... you name it I think I have tried it. That being said I always thought I would open my own little gourmet shop, and you know what I did!! And then a little less than two years after the doors open I closed that little gourmet shop. So I am still determined to cook my food, teach you how to cook, and help you throw an awesome dinner party and that's what's going on here.