Adult Cooking Classes

A large part of my love of cooking is born from the fact that it brings people together. We can learn about cultures through experiencing their food and we can learn more about each other over the dinner table. I love to help people to feel comfortable in their kitchens, whether needing a few entertaining tricks, cooking for dietary needs and allergies, or tackling seasonal cooking I would love to help you learn a new trick. Its a fun get together for friends or the family. 

Kids Cooking Classes 

I starting cooking with my grandmother when I was barely taller than the counters, and with the rise of "Master Chef Junior" and other shows like it your youngsters may want to learn how to cook like a pro too. Makes for a fun birthday party and who knows maybe they will give you want a night off from dinner duty. 

Wine Tasting Classes 

*** Coming Soon ***

May 2017 I will begin sommelier classes and I cannot wait to share what I learn with you all.